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I recently bought a set of used/refinished Titleist Pro V1X which were refinished by Links Choice. I bought these keeping in mind that these balls are used and not brand new, but even then these did not live up to expectation. In a batch of 36 balls, only about half of them are playable, the rest have some major issues with the coat that would definitely influence the flight path.

I wish I could attach pictures here to show you the quality of the balls.

Overall, the marketing for Links choice and people advocating links choice is completely inaccurate. They claim that "the only thing you will notice is the difference in price," but that is far from the truth.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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I got a 24 pack of prov1x hoping for the best. I should have known.

These balls suck. The balls cut like balatas or old professionals after one hit.

I blew my ball cash hoping Link Choice sold Mint Refinished prov1x. What Link Choice sells is hard crap painted white


Dont waste your money with Links Choice refinished golf balls. The industry standard is GolfBallsOnly refinished. They sell them at

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